The High Tunnel

Hoophouses Hempstead offers high tunnel kits that meet NRCS requirements.  We use 1 – 3/8 inch pipe and can make hoops for high tunnels of 12′, 20′ or 24 foot wide.  They can be any length.  These are inexpensive tunnels and are not recommended for locations with heavy snow loads.  They have survived winds in excess of 65 mph with no damage.

Example pricing: Complete invoice for a 24′ x 60′ high tunnel system with 6′ spacing on the hoops, rollup side curtains and 8 foot wood framed doors.       hoop house 24 x 60      Includes all wood, hardware and 4 year greenhouse plastic.  A complete package.

For only the metal, hardware and plastic.    hoop house 24′ x 60′ metal, connectors and plastic only

A smaller package–A 12″ x 24′ hoophouse hoop house invoice 12 x 24 pdf

There are many different end wall possibilities and each project must be priced individually, but that is an idea of the cost of a complete package.  You can order the tunnel without the endwall material and without the lumber for the hip boards and baseboards.

high tunnel instruction manuel

You can see two of the high tunnels at Laughing Frog Farm.

Pickup in Hempstead or free shipping by our truck within 100 miles of Hempstead, TX 77445, and buyer must unload truck upon arrival.


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